Carrying a child for 9 months is no joke. It comes with continuous body aches, burning throats, heaviness, intense emotions, swollen feet, throwing up, sleepless nights, morning sickness, lack of appetite, tiredness, difficulty to pray and move, etc. Watching my pregnant friend has shown me how hard it can get. And then they have to go through the pain of labor. These are the reasons why we can never repay our mothers.

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A husband said this to his wife:

“If Jannah was a flower, I would pick it for you.
If Jannah was a bird, I would catch it for you.
If Jannah was a house, I’d build it for you…
But since Jannah is a place no eye has ever seen, I make Dua to Allah to reserve it for you.”

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Repent & do good.

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a haiku a day (285/365)

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